Laboratorium Kryptografii i Informatyki Kognitywnej

Laboratory main research areas:

Computer science (cognitive informatics, pattern classification)

Cryptography (secret splitting and sharing, secure information management)

Biomedical engineering (medical image understanding and semantic analysis)

SKŁAD Laboratorium

Marek Ogiela zdjecie

Marek Ogiela

prof. dr hab. inż.

Lifetime Fellow SPIE, Fellow IET

Professor of Computer Science, cognitive scientist and cryptographer. Head of Cryptography and Cognitive Informatics Laboratory in Krakow, Poland. Member of numerous world scientific associations i.e. SPIE Lifetime Fellow, IET Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, member of OSA, and Cognitive Science Society, as well as former member of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. Author of more than 450 scientific international publications on pattern recognition and image understanding, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, cryptography and information theory.


Katarzyna Koptyra

dr inż.

In 2018 she received Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from AGH University of Science and Technology. She is a scientist developing new information security solutions and steganographic techniques. Her main areas of interest aredigital steganography, cryptography, secret sharing algorithms, decentralization, privacy protection and other topics of information security

Radosław Bułat

Radosław Bułat

A PH.D. candidate for a degree in computer engineering from AGH University of Science and Technology. Cybersecurity and cyberaudit specialist, developing and exploring new routes of personal cryptography protocols. Personal projects include bio-inspired and evolutionary algorithms and AI ethics.